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KawahPutih.WEB.ID - KAWAH PUTIH TUTUP, White Crater Ciwidey Bandung Still Closed Until September 6, 2021 During the extension period of Level-III Emergency PPKM

As a rescue measure in the midst of the spread of covid19 and according to the circular letter of Kadisparbud kab. Bandung number 5561/886/Disparbud, WANA TOURISM WHITE CRATER IS CLOSED until September 6, 2021 for all tourism activities (*subject to change at any time)"


Ciwidey White Crater Ticket prices in August range from Rp. 27,000 to Rp. 81,000 per person. The Kawah Putih ticket price of 27K per person applies to local tourists and the Kawah Putih ticket price of 81K per person applies to international tourists. And that price does not include special transportation costs to the center of the crater called Ontang Anting.

Kawah Putih Tutup

Visiting the White crater of Ciwidey Bandung, which is on the top of Mount Patuha at an altitude of 2434 masl, is very dangerous, if you:

- Dive into the beautiful greenish-white crater

- Stayed at the main crater location for more than 6 hours

- Stay at the main crater location for more than 2 days and two nights without eating and drinking

- Contemplating alone for a week at the location of the main crater of the white crater (can be "kasurupan" or even crazy)

- Not wearing clothes or bikini like on the beach

All of the above are very dangerous things that you should not do at the main location of Kawah Putih Ciwidey Bandung which has the full address at Jl. Raya Ciwidey Patengan Km 11 Bandung, West Java Indonesia 40973 with opening hours starting at 08.00 and closing at 17.00 WIB. Later, we will discuss the PROHIBITIONS and RULES at Kawah Putih Ciwidey, Bandung in more detail.

There is something strange about this white crater. What's that?

In general, the condition of the White Crater Ciwidey Bandung today is no more natural than the atmosphere of the White Crater Ciwidey Bandung in the era between 1884 - 2000, where in 1884 (he said) the main crater of Mount Patuha erupted and created a new crater which today is known as White crater. Why is it called Kawah Putih not the green crater or the Patuha crater? Because, the color of the new crater water of Mount Patuha is white, slightly greenish. If someone says that the color of this crater is always changing, it's not true, that's a stupid person! The truth is that the color of the White Crater Ciwidey Bandung, Mount Patuha, has always been the same, greenish white. Between the 1980s and 1990s, the volcanic activity of Mount Patuha at Kawah Putih Ciwidey, Bandung, can still be seen clearly ("naha nyaho timana cenah, mang? panan aing urang dieu!"). The bubbles of hot steam from Mount Patuha that were fiery wanting to cough (erupt) again were very clearly visible, even at that time no one dared to approach the lips of the Ciwidey White Crater, Bandung, even though they only felt the warmth of the crater water because of the strong smell of sulfur. there. Let alone like now for long happy selfies in the crater location, 10 minutes there was really tormented because the sulfur smell was so strong.

The management is still the same as in the past Perhutani-Perhutani also the only difference is the people. Perhutani people who manage the White Crater Ciwidey Bandung (who guard ticket gates and sell entrance tickets) used to be old and some have even died, Managers who are now still young (although some are beautiful and some are not beautiful - no handsome) and guaranteed that all Kawah Putih officers were friendly and friendly.

White Crater Ciwidey Bandung, Mount Patuha, has now really become a major tourist destination or in South Bandung. Administratively, demography The existence of the White Crater tourist destination Ciwidey Bandung is located in 2 (two) villages, namely Sugihmukti Village and Alamendah Village. So if in Sundanese terms, I call it "sabeulah ewang". Alamendah "sabeulah", sugihmukti "ewang".

White Crater Ciwidey Bandung is the prima donna of tourism in Ciwidey, South Bandung. A cool place in the middle of the Ciwidey tourist area, close to eMTe Highland Resort, Rancaupas Ciwidey, Glamping Lakeside Rancabali, Ciwalini and Situ Patenggang. White Crater Ciwidey Bandung is located at an altitude of 2434 meters above sea level, White Crater Ciwidey Bandung is in great demand by tourists visiting Ciwidey South Bandung, both local and foreign with views that never get bored when we are on the edge of the crater and the only crater where we can directly to the center of the crater, equipped with additional facilities built by Perhutani, such as the Ponton Bridge, Cantigi Sky Walk, Sunan Ibu and what was viral in August 2021 is the sunrise spot of Sunan, the mother of Kawah Putih, Ciwidey, Bandung, like a country above the clouds. The White Crater Spot in Ciwidey Bandung is very friendly for the elderly because the manager provides a special place for the elderly.


SUNAN IBU KATER WHITE OPEN FOR CAMPERS, LIMITED TO 2O TENTS ONLY. Backpacker Package price 145K/person 8 people, Explorer Package price 295K/person minimum 8 people

1. BACKPACKER PACKAGE (Package price is 145K/person for at least 8 people)

Facility :

HTM Kawah Putih

Free Pontoon & Cantigi Skywalk

Free Sunan Ibu (Spot Sunrise)

Free Charge for emission reduction services

Welcome Drink (Bandrek)


Clean water


2. EXPLORER PACKAGE (Package price 295K/person minimum 8 people)

Facility :

HTM Kawah Putih

Free Pontoon & Cantigi Skywalk

Free Sunan Ibu (Spot Sunrise)

Free Charge for emission reduction services

Welcome Drink (Bandrek)


Clean water


Tent Rental

Breakfast/Brakfast/Sahur & Snack

Often someone asks: "Is it safe, madam?" The answer; "Safe sir / madam!"

White Crater Ciwidey Bandung with a million charms and magnets that are extraordinary for tourists, even though they have come many times they never get tired of the beauty and perfection of God's creation, the White Crater of Ciwidey Bandung is also widely used for widescreen film shooting such as wiro sableng, My Heart and FTV, and also suitable for pre-wedding, video clips, etc.

White Crater Ciwidey Bandung is dominated by white, very suitable for tourists who like to hunt for Instagramable photo spots. It has a romantic and unique impression and is a favorite backdrop for tourists to take pictures. Its beautiful natural panorama attracts tourists, especially young couples to capture the moment.

The crater background and exotic nature add to the natural impression of the photo. This tourist destination was also popularized as a shooting location for the film Heart in 2006 ago. This location is also often used for pre-wedding photo locations.

One of the interesting photo spots is the Sunan Ibu sunrise viewing point. This spot is one of the attractions for tourists, especially photography lovers to hunt sunrise. Here, tourists can enjoy the natural beauty from above and see the sunrise from an altitude of 2430 masl.



For the sake of improving excellent and integrated services from Perhutani, based on SK GM KBM ECOTOURISM NO. 75/KPTS/GM/KBM ECOTOURISM/2020 the price of admission tickets for people, vehicles and rides is as follows:


Archipelago Tourist : Rp. 27,000

Foreign Tourists : Rp. 81,000

Ontang Earrings (PP) : Rp. 27,000

Exclusive Parking Charge at Crater Center : Rp. 162,000


Motorcycle Entrance Ticket (R2) : Rp. 6,000

Car Entrance Ticket (R4) : Rp.11.000

Bus Entrance Ticket (R6) : Rp.27,000


Wahana Canal Entrance Ticket (Ponton Pier, Sky Walk Cantigi A and B): Rp. 38.000/person

Pontoon Pier : Rp. 11,000

Skywalk Cantigi A : Rp. 11,000

Skywalk Cantigi B : Rp. 11,000

Sunan Ibu Tour Ticket : Rp. 11,000/person


Charge Photo Season / Pree Wedding : Rp. 500,000

Charge Video Shooting : Rp. 3,000,000

Charge for Outdoor Wedding Locations: Rp. 5,000,000


Bcakpacker package 145k/person -minimum 8 people

HTM Kawah Putih

Free Fontoon & Cantigi

Free Sunan Ibu (Spot Sunrise)

Free Charge for Emission Reduction Services

Welcome Drink


Clean water


Sunan Ibu White Crater OPEN FOR CAMPERS - limited to 20 tents


White Crater Ciwidey Bandung is often shrouded in a thin mist like cold mountain air. Its position which is located at the peak of Mount Patuha Ciwidey adds to the beautiful nuances of its beauty. At certain times thick fog can descend to cover and obstruct visibility.

Ciwidey Bandung's White Crater tourist attraction is one of the favorite tourist destinations and is in great demand by both local and foreign tourists. On ordinary holidays the number of tourists per day ranges from 2,500 - 4,000 people. While on long holidays the number can reach 8,000 people per day.

White Crater Ciwidey Bandung is a lake resulting from the eruption of Mount Patuha in the 10th and 12th centuries. The contours of the soil are white, which occurs naturally from tuff deposits (volcanic ash). The lake water is white and green.

White Crater Ciwidey Bandung is surrounded by white sand with ripples sprinkled with smoke and the occasional burst of live mud. The color of the crater can change according to the sulfur content, temperature, and weather around the area. Sometimes it is apple green, bluish, milk chocolate, to a misty white.

Here at Kawah Putih Ciwidey Bandung, tourists will smell a strong sulfur smell from the smoke coming out of its crater (but not as strong as it used to be). With high acidity in the pH range of 0.5 – 1.3. Tourists are prohibited from swimming because the water has a very high sulfur content that can harm tourists.


Accessibility to the White Crater Ciwidey Bandung can be reached by 4-wheeled vehicle from the Soreang toll gate for approximately 1 hour 3 minutes, by 2-wheeled vehicle for approximately 45 minutes, and by walking for approximately 7 to 8 hours (that's if you are strong)

Access road to the White Crater Ciwidey Bandung is quite easy. This tourist location is at a distance of 44 km south of the city of Bandung. Precisely on the left of the highway km 30 Ciwidey – Rancabali, before the Ranca Upas campground.

There are two choices of routes, namely the first from Pasteur toll gate exit Soroja toll saves only 15 minutes to get to Kawah Putih Ciwidey Bandung, the second line from the direction of Jakarta can directly exit the Soroja toll road which only saves Jakarta - ciwidey only 2.5 hours -3 Hours Towards White Crater Ciwidey Bandung can also use public transportation. Right at the entrance gate, tourists will find directions to enter the Ciwidey White Crater tourist area, Bandung.


The Ciwidey White Crater tourist area, Bandung, has been equipped with various adequate facilities for tourists. The parking area is spacious and safe. For those who want to dine, there are many choices of food stalls available.

In the area around the White Crater Ciwidey Bandung there are also traders who sell sulfur ash and rocks typical of the White Crater Ciwidey Bandung. These souvenirs are efficacious in curing skin diseases to getting rid of acne.

Existing facilities at the White Crater Ciwidey Bandung, including:

Public toilet

Ontang Earrings

prayer room

Food stalls

Local Guide


Pontoon Pier

Sky Walk

Sunan Mother


Entering this tourist area, tourists will be escorted to the main area with Ontang earrings. This vehicle is a vehicle modified by the manager to get to the entrance. This is a unique thing for tourists who visit this tourist attraction.

The price for the entrance ticket to the White Crater Ciwidey Bandung includes the Ontang-anting ride fee and a ticket to the rides. Riding this vehicle, tourists can enjoy the fresh air of an area that is still pristine. Along the way, you will see a natural forest typical of the mountains.


The most beautiful moment at Kawah Putih Ciwidey Bandung is in the morning at sunrise. The emergence of this Sun Rise can be seen by travelers from Sunan Ibu who is above the White Crater Ciwidey Bandung. A best sunrise spot for the White Crater Ciwidey Bandung has been provided by the manager so that travelers can enjoy the beauthiful sunrise from the White Crater Ciwidey Bandung.

To be able to see the beauty of the sunrise from the White Crater Ciwidey Bandung, travelers must go up to the White Crater Ciwidey Bandung around 4 am. Suggestion: it's better to stay at the hotel or inn closest to the White Crater Ciwidey Bandung. The closest hotel or inn to the White Crater Ciwidey Bandung is emte highland resort. The distance from this inn to the gate of the White Crater Ciwidey Bandung is only 50 meters.

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